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In the old days, there were roving bands of feral cowgirls terrorizing the hills near
Jacumba, California—armed with
6-shooters, chaps and masks.

Fortunately, their mommies were equipped with Baby Brownies, and they captured the raw exuberance of the era, with a good supply Jacumba Jesusof 127 film and their persuasive powers to cajole these bandits to pose for the camera.

Now, the new spray-can gangs have taken over the territory, dedicating their efforts to Jesus. The feral cowgirls have gone on to shooting other things.

Catalpa Lane house Cruising around what used to be the outskirts of El Paso, I was looking for 7405 Catalpa Lane (where I had spent formative teenage years), and there was this normal-looking tract house with some rather abnormal but proud topiary out front. I shot it, of course; I couldn't resist. Then I looked at the house number. 7405! My house! What have they done!
   Moral of the story: never go back.

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I believe a little bit of irony goes a long way in helping to make sense of the world we humans have constructed. No matter how carefully, accidentally or even naturally crafted, the environment we walk around in is rich in layered meanings.

I am happiest when I think I've made an image that reveals those layers for individual inspection and at the same time invites a viewer to re-combine them in ways that are not readily obvious.

Thanks to Gale Zucker for the photo